Measure K allows the cemetery to proceed with ADA roads and sale of the endowment parcel. Measure M blocks it.

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Cemetery needs more support
Dear Editor,
Thank you to all of you who are helped the veterans meet the Oct. 15 deadline for the needed $2.5 million dollars.
That money will go toward the first of six phases of the cemetery. Constructing only the columbarium and, of course, it will not fund the other five phases.
And it doesn’t eliminate the problems created if Measure M passes. In order to receive federal funds, the government requires that the cemetery access road meet modern standards, but the federal funds only pay to the center of the road.
They require that whatever/whoever is on the other side, pay for the other half!
As a result, the endowment parcel still needs to be sold for development to pay for the other half of the road. The sale of the endowment parcel will also provide funds for maintenance of the cemetery going forward.
Measure M prohibits development of the endowment parcel.
In light of recent events, I encourage your readers to understand the need for Measure K to pass and Measure M to be defeated. Measure K allows the cemetery to proceed with ADA roads and sale of the endowment parcel. Measure M blocks it.
Michael S. DeLeonardo Jr.,

Forget all the rhetoric
Dear Editor,
On Oct. 4, the Central Coast Veterans State Cemetery met it’s requirement of $2.6 million required by the State Department of Finance before it would accept the more than $9 million dollar allocation from the federal government to build the cemetery. That money will be transferred to the state on Oct. 15. The Central Coast Veterans State Cemetery
will be built — period!
Now to the ballot measures in question. Aside from all the rhetoric that Measure M puts out, the question is very simple.
Measure M stands for open space, which means no development of any kind, and if you believe them that you can develop the land later, wise up. The opponents will be back fighting another developer again. Unfortunately, there will be no income from this action to replace the millions of dollars that the Monterey Peninsula has lost since Fort Ord closed. What they don’t tell you is that Parker Flats Cutoff, which the cemetery entrance is located on, will not be developed to ADA standards, which are required for federal grants, not to mention block access to the cemetery. The City
of Seaside cannot afford to develop Parker Flats Cutoff and must rely on developers to do that. That means a funeral procession will stop at the corner of Normandy, remove the coffin or urn and walk across an open field to get to the cemetery because the road is not developed.
Measure K supports the City of Seaside’s right to develop the land in question as they see fit. This also supports the development needed to bring Parker Flats Cutoff up to code for access to the cemetery.
Monterey, Carmel, Salinas, Marina, King City and everyone else has no business butting into Seaside’s business. If you don’t like the developer, go tell Seaside. It is the city’s land. Another misnomer is that Monterey Downs will not have any gambling at the equestrian events. You have to go to the Monterey Fairgrounds to gamble on the races or better yet, sit at home and go on line.
Mike O’Brien,

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